As the leader of China’s energy conservation and environmental protection field, Shenwu Group specializes in the research, development and promotion of global industrial energy-saving & emission-reduction technology as well as resource comprehensive utilization technology. Founded in 1996, Shenwu Group currently has 11 share-holding subsidiaries (including two public listed companies in Chinese A share market) with nearly 4000 employees.

With more than two decades of development, Shenwu Group has owned five major platforms including R & D platform, core technology transformation & engineering platform, core energy-saving equipment manufacturing platform, investment, financing and securities management platform and asset operation and management platform. The R & D platform takes its advanced Energy Conservation & Atmospheric Haze Control Technology Lab as the core, and has also two national engineering technology research centers, four Beijing engineering technology research centers and one national post doctoral research station. Based on this platform, over 50 technological achievement awards and honors are granted, and more than 4000 domestic and foreign patents are applied, and four national and industry standards are formulated; the technology transformation platform includes three Class-A engineering design institutes respectively for chemicals, metallurgy and furnace sectors, one Class-B design institute for electric power sector and one Class-B design institute for solid waste treatment sector. Relying on these design institutes, the engineering transformation and industrial promotion for the research results independently developed by Shenwu can be quickly performed; the manufacturing platform, with a land coverage area of 300,000 m2, is specially used for manufacture of Shenwu’s core equipments. Depending upon the said 5 platforms, taking seven major revolutionary technologies as the guide, and aiming at solving key and common energy-saving and emission-reduction technical problems faced by high energy consumption industries, Shenwu has already successfully applied its many new source-control type technologies to many industries such as coal chemicals, petrochemicals, thermal power, organic and metal solid wastes treatment, new biomass energy, steel and non-ferrous metal. As a result, the energy saved for our country each year can reach over 31 million tons of standard coal equivalent with a corresponding CO2 emission reduction of more than 72 million tons.

Shenwu Group has won many honors including the first place in “2012 China Top 20 Clean Technology Enterprises”, the first place of “2014 National Technical Innovation Demonstration Enterprises”, the first prize of 2014 China Green Manufacturing S & T Progress Award and the first prize of the 2017 Energy Innovation Award of China Energy Research Society, and is making contributions to controlling China's haze, tackling climate change, and transforming the fossil energy industry.